Our products are designed and manufactured to meet the demanding needs of our customers and the industries and environments they operate in.

Low voltage switchgears

The unique VEDA 5000 system is the culmination of VEO’s quality expertise and sound knowledge of customer needs.

lowvoltage-jordbro21The VEDA 5000 low voltage switchgear is type-tested and designed for maximum reliability, safety, serviceability and usability. The VEDA 5000 low voltage switchgear can be implemented in fixed or withdrawable configurations.

The system’s functional quality is the result of careful materials and component selection, and the right combination of electrotechnical applications and proven cooling technology. The system’s exceptional safety reliability is based on effective arc pressure control, internal compartmentation and systematic locking.

VEDA 5000 is certified by SGS Fimko. Design verification and assembly type-testing has also been conducted to ensure that our switchgears comprehensively meet the special requirements set by IEC/EN standards 60439 and 61439. VEDA fulfills the safety requirements of LVD (2006/95/EY) and has also gone through additional testing to ensure it meets national safety  regulations and special requirements of various  customer groups, including marine and off-shore applications.