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Synchronous machines and generators require excitation. Excitation controls the voltage of the synchronous machine and keeps the network stabile.

product_excitationVEO excitation services include both motor and generator excitation. VEO has cutting edge excitation systems for improving your plant’s performance and cutting costs.  Excitation improves plant stability and also enhances communication and offers fast and reliable information on how to direct and control processes.

With experience from more than 3000 MW excited power and more than 200 excitation and protection projects VEO’s personnel can provide you with state-of-the-art systems for motor and generator excitation.

Have a look at an article about our excitation business on VASEK’s portal; VEO’s innovation introduces savings and durability for Wind Turbines

Generator Commander

Generator Commander

The next generation of IEDs (Intelligent Electronic Device) not only protects the generator or motor – they also synchronize and control the voltage.
Benefits of the Generator Commander include:

  • Over 86% space savings compared to existing generator protection, synchronization and excitation
  • „„All generator auxiliaries are covered by merely two spare parts„„
  • The software (SW) adapts data from the generator specification
    sheet and calculates most of the parameters directly to the protection and excitation system
  • The new SW wizards reduce human errors„„
  • Energy measurement of class 0.2s, robust technology and the modern protection functions guarantee the best solution available on the market.


Have a look at the teaser for the Generator Commander


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