Our products are designed and manufactured to meet the demanding needs of our customers and the industries and environments they operate in.

Automation and Protection Systems

Our electrification and automation deliveries cover the full spectrum from switchyards to low voltage and DC plant systems.



VEO  offers automation solutions for all business segments; Hydropower, Thermal and diesel/gas power plants, Industry and Substations.

We have a flexible concept for power plant automation and electrification. It is based on a new way of thinking regarding dimensioning and implementation. VEO’s scope of supply includes optimal dimensioning of DCS and SRS automation systems and electrification. Minimising losses and supply costs without affecting reliability.Throughout the life cycle of the plant.

Our automation deliveries always take into consideration the operational and protection needs of the customer’s plant. Implementation is planned project-specifically according to the customer’s specific requirements. The design solutions and automation libraries created by VEO’s long-term development work are used as powerful tools to rationalise and facilitate the planning and optimisation of customer plant operations. We draw on our profound process know-how to optimise and fine-tune plant operations to ensure that the plant gives the very best results back to the customer.

We offer several ready solutions for remote plant control, from mobile radio/GSM systems to fixed landline connections.

Our dynamic products and flexible, customer-oriented approach guarantee functionally sound systems and timely deliveries. We also offer optimised electrification and automation solutions as turnkey deliveries, spanning from preliminary design through to commissioning and training.

Have a look at our reference case show cased in Siemens customer magazine Solutions Partner (in Finnish). You can also have a look at our references

esa-ala-honkolaIncreasing intelligence is required in power generation in order to fulfill the modern demands for availability, maintenance planning and data security. The lifespan of thoroughly serviced and regularly updated automation equipment is approximately 20 years. For control centre programming and equipment it is merely 5-10 years due to the fast development in information technology. Still, the implementation of new technology is not only necessary, but also profitable. “The contents and scale of a control centre upgrade vary greatly. Sometimes it is enough to simply update the software version for the control system. New bus networks and automation components may require a system upgrade, in order to guarantee the compatibility and optimal functionality of the entire system,” Esa Ala-Honkola, Vice President, Expert Services explains.

A control centre upgrade is usually incited by a need for more efficient information and reporting flow in order to improve the availability of the plant and reduce operating costs, as well as reduce the data security risks involved with remote operation. The new reporting systems enable improved condition based monitoring and reduce unplanned downtime significantly.

“The operations at a power plant can now be monitored and controlled in real-time even from a mobile phone or ipad. These changes in way of working present entirely new challenges for system protection,” Ala-Honkola points out.

A new product in our product portfolio is Balance+ an adaptive control concept. This modern control solution is suited for all types of boiler plants. It improves combustion stability, steam parameters and lowers flue gas emissions. The concept can be implemented in any modern process automation system and is model based, adaptive control with patented technology. Read more about Balance+ here.

Protection and Synchronisation

For maximum usability of electrical networks, effective network protection is essential. Relay protection must function selectively and rapidly to enable faulty network components to be isolated from the network as quickly as possible. All protection cabinets and control cabinets supplied by VEO come with protection relays and protective functions according to the customer’s needs.

Generator synchronisation can be performed automatically from start to finish by the automation system or, alternatively, manually by the plant personnel.

Protection Systems

We draw on our extensive knowledge of a broad range of systems to deliver optimum power distribution automation and protection systems that are best suited to our customers’ needs.

We also implement demanding protective relaying projects, such as relay modernizations carried out during on-line operation. We continuously train our staff in the latest products and applications in order to maintain the highest levels of expertise.

Periodical Testing

VEO carries out extensive periodical testing of power transmission and distribution protective relays, from basic installations to complex relay applications.