Due to their versatility, VEO’s substation solutions are suitable for power plants, transmission and distribution and industrial applications

The modular substations are dimensioned to house equipment for a 6–36kV power plant. The pre-assembled modules are tested at the factory before dispatch. The building can house one or two rows of switchgear. The delivery can also include a fully-equipped control room. The lifespan of these buildings is approximately 50 years.

The foundation including casting, anti-frost insulation, drainage and change of soil can be conducted while the station modules are installed at the factory. The foundation is done according to the customer’s specifications, and can consist of a foundation with cable basement, a cast base plate or concrete beams.

The substation is tested at the factory and delivered with complete documentation. A VEO substation is not only the fastest and safest, but often also the best value-for-money solution.

The walls are sandwich modules (board/insulation/board), and there are several options for exterior wall coating. Concrete, steel and stone are popular choices. The roof also consists of sandwich modules. The scope of delivery also includes eave gutters and drainpipes. The floor is usually coated with plywood. The thickness of the insulation is chosen according to the site and customer requirements. The pressure hatches are designed in accordance with the specifications of the substation equipment supplier.

veo substation.

VEO’s scalable modular stations are assembled in an area sized 7,000 m² next to our Vaasa factory. The large size of the assembly area allows us to assemble substations quickly, safely and efficiently. Most of our substations are also equipped with Vector or Veda switchgear when the package we offer to our customer is guaranteed VEO quality inside out.