Our medium-voltage switchgear, new Vector and the VEKE 24, are developed primarily for substations, power plants and industrial electrical distribution.


VEO Vector is an air insulated switchgear and control gear for indoor medium-voltage systems. We produce all Vector units at VEO’s factory in Vaasa, Finland, ensuring that our design and production units work side by side. The SF6 free switchgear has a rated voltage of 12 kV and 24 kV and is equipped with a vacuum circuit breaker.

The focus of Vector’s innovative design is concentrated on five main areas: safety, quick and easy installation, tested reliability, standardised quality and environmental friendliness. The result is a supreme low-maintenance product of the highest service continuity class and with a superb user experience. Vector fulfils all the latest IEC standards and has the highest LSC 2B outage rating. vector is an optimally sized power package, in which we have squeezed as many amperes per square meter as we could, without compromising our technical or environmental values. Thanks to our vacuum technology, Vector is also free from SF6 gas.

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VEKE 24 medium-voltage switchgear is developed primarily for substations, power plants and industrial electrical distribution where compact functionality, safety and durability are needed. In the versatile furnishing of the switchgear, components from the best manufacturers in the field are used. The VEKE product family’s circuit-breakers are used as a main component. The cubicle structure, insulation and bushings are designed to enable customised technical and economical solutions.

Due to its static and rigid frame, VEKE 24 is easy to move and transport even over longer distances. The rigid frame does not cause tension in the bus ducts or the switchgear connections. The switchgear is type tested and arc tested to IEC/EN standards.

The switchgear is designed for safe use: all functions are performed behind closed doors, the breaker and earthing switch are mechanically locked together, and the function unit is equipped with blocking plates to prevent faulty operation.


12 kV, thermal short-circuit resistance 40 kA (3 sec) and rated current 630-3150A

24 kV, thermal short-circuit resistance 25 kA (3sec) and rated current 630-2000A