VEO’s excitation expertise guarantees accurate, fast and reliable excitation for generators and motors

VEO is the market leader of the Finnish excitation and synchronous machine protection market. In all, our highly professional excitation team has experience from more than 4000 MW of excited power and more than 300 excitation and protection projects. We offer innovative excitation and protection solutions for synchronous machines using the latest available technology. Our deliveries of both generator and motor excitation solutions are always customised to our customers’ needs, and the technology is based on either traditional PLCs (Siemens S7) or our game-changing innovation – Motor Commander, or its counterpart for generators, Generator Commander.

Excitation services

Our scope of delivery is flexible, spanning from the design and installation of entire excitation, control and protection systems to complex testing and fault tracing.

Generator excitation

VEO’s generator excitation controls the stability of the power system and adjusts the plant’s voltage and reactive power level automatically. Excitation, tuned by professionals, protects the generator stator and rotor and sustains synchronism within the machine.  It offers fast and reliable information on how to control the network. Our state-of-the-art systems for generator excitation have three available controls: automatic voltage regulator (AVR, AUTO), reactive regulating (VAR or COS F control) and current regulator (FCR). We are able to deliver the system independently from the machine supplier: based on either general PLC based products or a single Commander-device that combines all excitation, control and protection functions in one small-sized unit. Both Motor Commander and Generator Commander are revolutionary innovations, which we have developed in partnership with Arcteq.

Motor excitation

We offer motor excitation systems that provide higher power output and torque to the process. Excitation synchronises the motor with the plant network and improves plant stability. Starting a large synchronous motor can consume as much as 0.5% of grid power, which means that the effects to a factory network are vast. With neighbouring machines controlled by Generator Commander, start-up is supported and voltage drop in the network is smoothened. Motor Excitation controls the auxiliary equipment, i.e. starting transformers or reactors, to start the motor safely and with minor stress to the network.

Veo magnetization.

Motor and Generator Commander: a game-changing solution

Motor Commander and the corresponding solution for generators, Generator Commander, are two unique innovations to combine machine protection and control into one device: a drive unit manufactured by VEO and a protective relay unit manufactured by Arcteq. The features included are excitation, machine protection, differential protection, synchronising, synchrocheck and PMU. The Commander offers superior accuracy and performance in all meters. The economic advantages come from easier design, wiring and assembly of the cubicle, even an 86% smaller footprint of cubicle or wall enclosure, a simple programming and testing of the system and one software to control all relay functions.

Read more about Commander in our press release.