A flexible concept for power plant automatisation and electrification.

With over 30 years of experience and more than 100 automation projects delivered annually, automation solutions have been an essential part of VEO’s core business since the beginning. Over the past decades, VEO’s process knowledge has expanded from power generation to the process industry, and an increasing number of our automation projects are now turnkey projects. Nowadays, our automation solutions also include cybersecurity services to both old and new systems.

VEO offers automation solutions to its customers in the field of hydropower, thermal power, hybrid & engine power, industry (including the marine industry) and substations.

Flexible concept for seamless function

When we program an automation software application, the process is smooth: electrification equipment and automation systems operate together seamlessly. VEO’s concept for power plant automation and electrification is flexible, and based on a new way of thinking regarding dimensioning and implementation. VEO’s scope of supply includes the optimal dimensioning of DCS automation systems, PLC control systems and electrification. Our automation know-how helps to minimise both losses and supply costs without affecting reliability – throughout the life cycle of the plant.

An independent supplier with profound process know-how

As a hardware and software-independent supplier of automation projects, we offer our end-customers high-quality automation and control systems using customer-approved equipment and software solutions.

Our automation deliveries always take into consideration the operational and protection needs of the customer’s plant. Implementation is planned project-specifically according to the customer’s specific requirements. The design solutions and automation libraries created by VEO’s long-term development work are used as powerful tools to rationalise and facilitate the planning. With our profound process know-how, we optimise and fine-tune plant operations to ensure that the plant gives the very best results back to the customer.

Visualisation systems

For our customers, the displays, i.e. HMI’s (Human-Machine Interfaces), are the most visible part of an automation system.  With enhanced user-friendliness as a goal, VEO is committed to further development of its automation products based on customer feedback. As a result, our displays are well in line with the customer needs, both in terms of usability and the visualisation of the process.

Factory acceptance tests

We run extensive factory acceptance tests (FATs) at our factory in Vaasa, where we fully test automation systems and comprehensively simulate the processes. Running FATs for all our automation interfaces ensures that errors are eliminated before delivery. Our FATs also help to maintain our prized safety-at-work policy when delivering automation solutions to our power plant customers.

Continuous development for efficient programming

As a part of the continuous development of our working methods and software, VEO implements a Common Way of Programming (CWoP). We use common guidelines for programming automation software and a library for tested and validated automation software blocks. Not only does standardisation of program segments enhance consistency and efficiency in programming, it also enables portability between different PLC brands. As a multi-brand supplier, we can deliver an automation solution for any brand our customer chooses to use.

Cyber security

VEO’s automation systems are designed with cybersecurity in mind. We have developed a cyber secure by design concept, building on a Defence in Depth approach. We are also familiar with implementing IEC-62443 standards in our deliveries.