Individually planned training sessions and programmes in the field of electrification and automation.

Thanks to our decades of experience in training our own experts in electrification and automation projects, we are more than happy to help our customers with their training needs. VEO Academy training services include individual training sessions or more extensive training programmes for our customer’s personnel. The training is always customised according to the customer’s needs and wishes.

Successful projects show us the way

When VEO delivers a turnkey project, the training of the plant’s operational personnel is almost always included in our scope. If our customer needs further training, e.g. in programming or the configuration of devices, our instructor can respond to these needs as well. We believe that VEO’s successfully completed projects make the best references also for our instructors.

A wide focus on training

The focus of a VEO Academy training session can be as broad or narrow as our customer needs it to be. Sometimes the need may concern a new item of equipment and how it operates in an otherwise familiar system; sometimes the whole electrification and automation system may have undergone great changes and require user-training. We offer training in maintenance operations as well. If you should need training sessions with an equipment manufacturer, we can coordinate the training so that it is held in connection to a VEO Academy training.

Different learning environments

The training programmes provided by VEO Academy are always flexible, particularly when it comes to physical location and schedules. Training sessions can be held either at VEO’s premises, on the customer’s site, or partly in a web-based learning environment. Many of our customers prefer us to hold our trainings on the actual site, since this is where all the equipment is in its proper place. In this way, the personnel will learn to operate the equipment in their own work environment. The web-based learning environment is used to store preliminary materials and to present the subject before the actual training session.

Training services in multiple languages

VEO operates in the Nordics and across Europe with the headquarters in Finland and subsidiaries in Sweden, Norway and the UK. Thus, VEO Academy can use its best experts to offers training services in all the languages spoken in our organisation: English, Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian.

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Veo academy training services.