VEO 247 – A trusted round-the-clock expert service


With VEO247 services included in your service agreement, we provide you with immediate responses, technical advice and problem-solving expertise; over the phone as well as through remote access. Our reliable remote access service is the most cost-effective and trouble-free way to support a plant’s production team. Nevertheless, if the fault cannot be resolved otherwise, we will make on-site visits if required.

Enhanced preparedness day-and-night

Our know-how on electrification and automation systems is always there. We ensure the highest level of preparedness by compiling and examining all the necessary documentation in advance. And because we know that the unexpected can happen at any time, we don’t limit our VEO247 service to office hours. Instead, we are there to support the needs of your plant and staff, day and night. Whenever there is a problem, we make it our job to solve it. That is also the reason why we have satisfied customers all over Europe.

Short response times save money

It is essential for any commercial plant to have quick access to help and technical support in a fault situation. VEO247 truly offers the best value: our quick response times mean that your plant will have a shorter downtime, which minimises the effect on your production. We know that the more our customers can save money by running their operations successfully, the better.

On-site stand-by duty

Whenever a plant undergoes more extensive maintenance operations, or if there is an increased need for precautions, VEO247 can be upgraded to on-site stand-by duty. This ensures seamless cooperation with the customer and an instant response when it is most needed.

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