Proactive maintenance with VEO ensures uninterrupted operations and the best possible availability.

At VEO, we are committed to extending the lifetime of our customers’ plants proactively. For us, being proactive is not just a philosophy, since it refers to the numerous ways we can monitor and test any essential function in a plant’s automation, instrumentation and electrification systems. As our customer, you will define the extent that VEO’s proactive maintenance services are carried out at your plant.

Customised tests and measurements

We customise our proactive measures to the specific plant’s needs and requirements. After closely listening to our customer’s wishes, we will jointly agree to run any number of tests, measurements or updates, from one to the entire range available. Measures are taken partly in connection to site visits and, even more cost-efficiently, through remote access. All the details of our proactive measures will be reported to the customer in the maintenance documents.

The replacement of worn-out parts is considered as one aspect of proactive maintenance. Likewise, the remote access itself is tested at regular intervals to ensure the connection.

Proactivity in electrification

When it comes to electrification equipment, proactive maintenance measures can include any selection of the following low-voltage to high-voltage operations:

  • Functionality testing and measurement of field equipment in high-voltage switchyards
  • Functionality testing of switches and breakers
  • Periodic testing of arc protection systems
  • Periodic testing of protection relays, including the generator’s protection relays and automatic voltage control as well as excitation
  • Functionality testing of interlocking circuits and control circuits
  • Testing and capacity testing of DC and UPS power-supply systems with battery backup
  • Functionality testing and periodic testing of back-up power systems
  • Periodic testing of transformer protection circuits, functionality of tap-changers, oil analysis
  • Periodic testing of protection relays
  • Testing of compensation systems
  • Regular maintenance of VSDs
  • Testing of earth-leakage monitors and ground fault indication relays
  • Earthing system measurements
  • Periodic measurements of the earthing in an ATEX environment

Proactivity in automation 

Within automation, proactive measures can include any selection of the following operations:

  • Updating the virus protection software
  • Security updates of the operating system and automation software
  • Updating of the automation system software version
  • Controlling the working condition of the control stations and related equipment
  • Collecting and analysing the diagnostics from the supervised stations and automation system
  • Opening and cleaning the control and server stations.

Proactivity in instrumentation  

Within instrumentation, proactive measures can include any selection of the following operations:

  • Checking and tuning of instrument calibration
  • Checking and tuning of analyser calibration
  • Periodic testing of instrumentation related to fail-safe systems
  • Functional testing of control valves
  • Reference measuring of local indicating instruments

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