Pre-studies, acquisition requests, materials and project descriptions for your future EIA-needs.

In the field of energy, constant development calls for proactivity. However, it can be challenging to prepare for what is coming next when all attention is directed towards the day-to-day operations of a plant. This is where VEO Expert Services can lend a hand by helping with all the necessary pre-studies and documentation needs.

Solid project know-how

Whatever the challenge in electrification, instrumentation or automation, we use our 30 years of experience from EIA-projects to help our customers succeed. We take care of any pre-studies needed, explain and specify different technical solutions, as well as present their advantages and disadvantages. VEO’s experience in the turnkey delivery of modern electrification and automation solutions means that we not only provide you with all the services and expertise needed before and after new investments, but also deliver the solution itself.

Consultation services

We are happy to offer also consultancy in all EIA-related matters. Thanks to VEO’s long experience and solid project know-how in electrification, instrumentation and automation projects, we can provide expert advice e.g. in fault detection, cybersecurity, lifecycle management and training. Since we know our customers’ processes, we can also bring them added value as we put our expertise into their use.

Time for an acquisition request?

Before taking a project to the next level with a request for quotation (RFQ), an acquisition request is needed to map potential suppliers. For that, VEO Expert Services can compile and produce all the materials required. For instance, we can draw up a detailed description for your project and provide you with technical specifications, project specifications and calculations.

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