Our experts carry out regular testing on fail-safe automation and other safety-related systems.

Fail-safe automation is vital for eliminating risks that could lead to personal injury or material damage. In a fault situation, the system sets the process into a safe mode. However, all fail-safe systems, including safety-integrated systems (SIS) and safety-related systems (SRS) need to be tested regularly to maintain the required functional safety of the plant. This is where our expertise comes into the picture. VEO’s Expert Services provides you with complete testing services.

We test the whole chain

VEO Expert Services offers a full range of periodic testing services for all types of fail-safe systems: starting from preparations to testing and calibration of field instruments. All safety functions are tested entirely, so that the whole chain, from the field instruments up to control devices, work as planned. In addition, we check that the HMI-system functions accordingly. All testing methods and results are documented, and the report can be handed over to third-party safety inspectors.

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Veo safety testing.