VEO updates, modernises and expands all types of electrification and automation systems.

VEO provides modernisation and upgrading services throughout the lifecycle of a plant or substation. Sometimes the need may be smaller, while at other times larger; for example, when a substation is being expanded or when a plant’s electrification and automation systems need to be renewed or altered. Our projects are always customised according to our customers’ needs. In addition, the need for renewals and updates is estimated in advance so that any modernisation work can be timed correctly to avoid any unplanned production downtime.

In electrification

Our modernisation and expansion projects in the field of electrification go up to 110 kV-equipment. The goal with these projects is to enhance operational safety and efficiency, which translates into optimised functionality. The upgrade of an electrification system can include medium-voltage switchgear, arc-flash protection, protection relay renewals, condition assessments and testing, as well as the protection and synchronisation of generators and back-up power systems.

The scope of a project is always separately agreed and customised according to the customer’s needs and requirements. We are equally capable of undertaking smaller projects, where only certain components are renewed, added, altered or updated. Examples of such work including the following:

-Switchgear cubicles

– Circuit breakers

– Remote terminating units and SCADA

– Accumulators

– Alarm annunciators

– Protection function components

In automation and protection

Automation systems and human-machine interface (HMI) systems are vital to any plant’s operations. Still, all such systems eventually become outdated and require upgrading, or there may occur a need to expand the existing automation and protection system. In all these situations,  VEO is a reliable partner to rely on. In addition to the updating and renewal of such systems, VEO’s scope in automation modernisations includes reporting systems and remote access equipment as well as fail-safe automation.

In changing production processes

There is a number of reasons that can require changes in a plant’s production process. Whenever a supplementary part needs to be added to either a production process or a subprocess, the electrification and automation systems will need to be updated to complement the change. We at VEO can meet these changing requirements by expanding your existing systems and doing the alteration work required.

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