We are a reliable partner when it comes to taking care of your important assets.

VEO offers customised maintenance and service agreements for automation and electrical distribution systems all over Europe. Since VEO works with both long-term and short-term agreements, we can provide exactly the right range of services your utility requires.

We are a reliable partner when it comes to taking care of your important assets. We always ensure that the division of tasks, response times and remote access services are tailored and clearly agreed in detail with the customer.

Multi-brand maintenance

We are here to offer our maintenance services to all customers receiving VEO’s electrification or automation solutions. However, our strong know-how and considerable experience in this field, makes us equally qualified to take over the maintenance operations of plants that are equipped with other suppliers’ systems. VEO’s Expert Services can be trusted in all maintenance needs concerning electrification and automation, independent from the equipment supplier.

Any range of services is possible

Every VEO maintenance and service agreement is unique and can include any combination of maintenance services. Our services are cost-effective, and many of them can be done through plant remote access services. A maintenance and service contract can include all or any of the services below:

  • Remote access and advisory services
  • Continuous process development
  • Remote tuning services
  • Site tuning services
  • Proactive automation, instrument and electrification services and testing
  • Periodic testing of fail-safe automation systems
  • Periodic testing of electrical systems
  • Cybersecurity services
  • Pre-studies and consulting services
  • Spare part services
  • Lifecycle services and condition assessment
  • VEO Academy training sessions and programmes
  • VEO247 round-the-clock customer service

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