We combat potential cybersecurity threats and protect your automation solutions.

The technological leaps forward in both IT and automation have raised awareness of and, luckily, also preparedness for the potential risks involved in the energy sector. Our experts have a unique insight of what goes on at the point where automation and IT come together. This enables us to assess the cybersecurity of our customers’ automation solutions properly, propose corrective actions and, if needed, manage the security.

What is your current cybersecurity status?

Cyberattacks pose a significant risk to the critical infrastructure of a power plant as well as to power distribution systems and industries. Our experts are able to successfully combat these risks in many ways and on many levels by always knowing where to start. We base all our actions on a preliminary report that includes a detailed mapping of the customer’s current security status. It is a kind of health check of the system that pinpoints where the weak points are, and what changes or enhancements should be done to correct those weaknesses.

Expert services to prevent cyberattacks

Our scope of cybersecurity services can include all or any of the corrective actions pointed out in our report. This can mean making configuration changes or upgrading potentially old devices, for instance. The services may also include security training and consultation, as well as an opportunity to hire a personal security manager as a service.

A personal cybersecurity manager at your service

VEO’s Expert Services can even provide you with a named cybersecurity expert, who is at your service for an agreed length of time per month. This person can function as a cybersecurity expert on your company’s behalf and hold responsibility for any cybersecurity-related matters, e.g. protecting your interests in development and delivery projects, assessing your suppliers’ cybersecurity competencies and helping define the cybersecurity-related responsibilities both internally and with your suppliers.

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