Solid support for your plant’s operations through VEO’s lifecycle services.

VEO’s lifecycle services will help you to predict, prevent or prepare for disruptions as far as possible. We can manage the whole lifecycle of your plant to ensure the highest level of uninterrupted operations and the best possible productivity.

Every plant is exposed to both expected and unexpected maintenance needs from the very beginning of operations. In this respect, VEO’s lifecycle services offer a complete range of services in mapping, researching and analysing your electrification, instrumentation and automation (EIA) systems.

Knowing the starting point is key

To determine the need for lifecycle services, we start by making a condition assessment of the equipment of your choice. This means that we study the stage that the lifecycle of the equipment is at, spare part availability, and the future needs in terms of replacing equipment. Once the assessment is done, we will then compile a report, upon which we can discuss, together with our client, the extent of preventive maintenance that is needed.

Lifecycle management by VEO

Our lifecycle services are flexibly tailored to manage the risk, cost and efficiency of your plant. Some examples of our services:

  • Condition testing of the automation and ethernet bus system with an analyser
  • Thermal imaging of the electrical equipment and other instrumentation, e.g. automation centres and server centres
  • Services of a qualified condition assessor in terms of electrical equipment
  • Condition assessment of EIA systems
  • Lifecycle analysis of EIA systems
  • Lifecycle and availability analysis of spare parts

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