VEO offers a patented control concept, known as Balance+, for solid and liquid-fuelled CHP power plants. VEO’s solution with Balance+ lowers operating and maintenance costs for the entire service lifecycle of the plant.

VEO’s offering for CHP power plants is a flexible control solution known as Balance+, which is based on an adaptive control method. The solution emphasises exceptional usability, operational reliability and cost-effectiveness. VEO is licensed to implement Balance+ in both new and existing power plants.

Balance+ reduces maintenance

The Balance+ concept was developed by the ÅF Advanced Process Control team and is used to achieve the best possible performance and usability. In practice, it lowers vibration and other nuisance factors, diminishes a plant’s fuel costs, and consequently reduces the plant’s emissions. The system is self-learning and automatically updates according to the circumstances, which means that the power plant’s process controls become optimised without resorting to time-consuming manual fine tuning.

Balance+ for varied fuels

In solid-fuel power plants, where fuel quality varies, it is often challenging to find a balance when it comes to both the plant’s electrical consumption and emissions. For such plants, Balance+ provides a significant advantage as it enhances overall efficiency and reduces flue gas emissions. The system can be installed in any modern automation system. Moreover, the installation can be carried out in connection to other updates or as a separate project.

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