VEO helps to harness the power of rivers

In the field of hydropower, we offer both turnkey deliveries and modernisation projects for hydropower plants. Our turnkey deliveries cover turbines and generators for a variety of small to large-scale hydropower plants. Our modernisation projects, in turn, mainly consist of electrification and automation system upgrades.

Our product range is extensive and compatible with all power generation solutions. It includes digital turbine governors and excitation systems designed for turbine and generator control. With our turbine governor (VEO-HPG) and renowned excitation expertise, we can adjust and modify each unit to ensure that your plant is tuned for optimal hydro-turbine efficiency.

We can also take care of project management, from project supervision and consultation services to delivery. The consultation services include power plant audits, automation and electrification system models as well as feasibility studies, cost estimates and procurement programs to support our customers’ investment decisions.

VEO’s strength lies in our profound knowledge and reliable, tailored solutions, which are efficiently implemented and integrated with existing systems. Close cooperation with our industry partners, combined with decades of experience in the field, allows us to meet our customers’ needs with the most advanced solutions on the hydropower market.