Engine & Hybrid power

Engine and hybrid power plants controlled and automated by VEO offer outstanding performance that save on costs and the environment.

VEO’s high-quality engine and hybrid power solutions can successfully leverage synergies between multiple power sources, from oil and gas engine power plants to solar power systems, etc. By combining the best solutions for every customer’s personal needs, VEO delivers outstanding performance. VEO’s customers can also utilise energy storage technology in combination with traditional engine power. VEO’s hybrid power plants offer significant potential and save on costs.

VEO’s service range includes plant commissioning services and powerplant spare parts for engine and hybrid power plants as well as marine projects. Other operations include the modernisation of power plant equipment, power plant electrification, system maintenance, control system updating, and even the relocation of entire power plants across national borders. Our experts have extensive international expertise in the implementation of the engine and hybrid power plant electrification projects, including plant commissioning and end-user training in the target country.


Oil & Gas power plants