February 2018

VEO delivered a new automation system to Mark Kraftvärme

Mark Kraftvärme is a Swedish district heating company. VEO and Mark Kraftvärme have worked together for many productive years. The cooperation started in the early 2000s giving VEO long experience with the company and its products. Sweden is an essential market area for us, and we have many projects within Swedish thermal power.

VEO has delivered a new automation system to Mark Kraftvärme and renewed the automation system in the company´s steam and district heating units. The new automation system is an 800xA-system that is delivered with a double set of servers, a redundant network and controllers. Replacing the entire automation system was an extensive and demanding project. Renewing old equipment is always a challenge, and this time the former automation system was indeed very old. It was not possible to reuse the old code, and everything needed to be renewed. We were able to replace the automation system without halting operations. Some processes were run with the new and the old system in parallel, while other processes could be steered manually during the system change. Thanks to VEO´s strong process expertise and familiarity with the customer, the processes could be carried through successfully!

We have worked with VEO before and based on our experiences it is a very competent company with good and extensive expertise”, says Dennis Nyqvist, Plant and Maintenance Manager at Mark Kraftvärme.