Transformerstation to Luleå Energi

In Sweden, delivering switchgear turnkey projects is common practice. In other words, the switchgear supplier is also responsible for the construction and ground work. The 170kV transformer station that Luleå Energi ordered from VEO in the summer of 2013 is no exception.

“The big challenge has been to find the right subcontractors and to coordinate the work. However, everything has run very smoothly and we are on schedule”, says Andreas Martin, Sales Manager for the Swedish and Norwegian markets.

Technical analyst Birger Lundqvist at Luleå Energi is satisfied with VEO’s efforts.
“VEO previously delivered a smaller project for us, so we were familiar with each other. VEO has done very well and we have had excellent communication throughout the process”, Lundqvist states.

"VEO has done very well and we have had excellent communication throughout the process."

In spring 2014 Luleå Energi visited VEO’s factory in Vaasa for a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT). Shortly thereafter three lorries departed for Luleå with 30 metres of control cabinets and medium voltage switchgear. In addition to this, several lorries of equipment are sourced from other suppliers.

The air insulated switchgear (AIS) is being built next to Luleå Energi’s main office. Luleå Energi had initially envisioned a gas insulated switchgear, but during the tendering process, the order was changed to an air insulated variant. AIS stations are more environmentally friendly because they do not use the SF6 gas, which is a potent greenhouse gas should it leak. “A gas insulated switchgear is generally more compact, but we realised that the building would only be marginally bigger if we switched to an air insulated version. Hence, changing the decision on environmental grounds was easy”, Birger Lundqvist explains.