Pride in our work

Keuruun Lämpövoima

Keuruu Power Plant is a trend-setter in Finnish energy business. It is a highly efficient and environmentally friendly Power Plant.

– The production capacity has tripled and the total electricity production of Keuruun Lämpövoima Oy’s boilers at these premises exceeds 20 MW, says Tapio Ollila at Keuruun Lämpövoima.

MW Power is the main contractor of the Bio Power Plant and VEO’s scope of delivery has included planning and design, equipment, software, automation and instrumentation for process equipment control. The delivery also includes commissioning and training. In other words VEO has delivered the central nerves system and brains of the plant with which the plant’s electricity and heat production process is monitored, controlled and ensured.

VEO Sales Manager Rami Luoma explains the automation system of the plant as such: – The automation system independently monitors and controls different processes within the power plant. The implemented system doesn’t require end user personnel on site all the time. The automation system design enables remote access or on site control and monitoring. The automation level of the plant also guarantees one command stop or start of the power plant.