Automation system upgrade of Lapua Energia Oy's CHP plant

The 25 MW CHP power plant of Lapuan Energia Oy, commissioned in
2008, generates both district heat and electricity by means of locally
harvested biomass, wood and peat. 99% of the fuel used originates from
the region within a 100 km radius from the plant.

In summer 2014, VEO upgraded the automation system of the power
plant within the frames of the valid service agreement. The delivery included
automation, electrifi cation planning, installation and user training.
The previous Siemens SIMATIC PCS7 system was upgraded to the
latest 8.1 version. The servers were duplicated to ensure good reliability
and the operator stations renewed. Due to the solid fuel feeding solution,
more mechanics and adjustments were required than for example for an
oil boiler process.

Healthy green trees.
"We have co-operated with VEO since 1993, so they know our needs and processes."

“We have co-operated with VEO since 1993, so they know our needs
and processes. The fact that we use different solid fuels means greater
challenges for process automation. The quality and composition of the
fuels vary and each power plant is unique in its own way.
When the software upgrade became necessary, we decided to strengthen
our system by duplicating our servers, too. The entire upgrade was
completed during our normal summer maintenance period. Now we feel
twice as safe!” CEO of Lapuan Energia Oy Ilkka Järvinen says.