VEO Vector is a new switchgear for medium-voltage systems.

VEO Vector is an air insulated switchgear and control gear for indoor medium-voltage systems. We produce all our Vector units at VEO’s factory in Vaasa, Finland, ensuring that our design and production units work side by side. The SF6 free switchgear has a rated voltage of 12 kV and 24 kV and is equipped with a vacuum circuit breaker.


Supreme Safe

VEO’s fully type tested Vector switchgear is extremely reliable to ensure personal safety. A lot of the safety is embedded into the design. For example, comprehensive combinations of electrical and mechanical interlockings secure safety operations and maintenance and prevent access to potentially dangerous parts. Each of the four compartments – main busbar, circuit breaker, cables, low voltage and relays – are isolated by metal, preventing the damage to spread in case of an arc fault.

Fully Tested Reliability

We have performed all type tests, routine tests and fulfil all the latest IEC standards. Complete routine tests and factory acceptance tests ensure quick, cost-efficient site tests and commissioning, as well as a long lifetime. To guarantee that Vector will endure even the most critical conditions, we always use the toughest possible test parameters. Our tests show that Vector can withstand extremely high arc fault pressure, allowing the pressure to release in a controlled manner.

Quick Installations, Smooth Service

When designing the Vector, our engineers spent a lot of time thinking about usability. The result is a supreme low-maintenance product of the highest service continuity class and with a superb user experience. For example, a large cabling compartment allows for easy installations and excellent serviceability. No need to cram in with cables or make extra floor holes anymore! It is even possible to step inside the switchgear to perform maintenance tasks in an ergonomic way.

Lean and Green

Vector is an optimally sized power package. By optimising and creating revolutionary solutions, our engineers have been able to minimise excess material and power dissipation. Let’s just say we have squeezed in as many amperes per square meter as we could, without compromising our technical or environmental values. Thanks to our vacuum technology, Vector is also free from SF6 gas.


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Vector broschure

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Vector – switchgear and control gear made by VEO

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