For our customers with honesty and courage to be winners together.

VEO is open and honest in business thus, it is clear without telling, that we comply with all laws and regulations both locally and internationally. This is what we expect from our partners and their suppliers as well. By acting according to our values, we make VEO a great place to work and will become an even bigger player in the international market. I am really proud of how boldly people at VEO take up the challenges and responsibility needed to create safe and sustainable energy solutions. – Timo Ala-Heikkilä

With the customer in mind

Our customers drive our ambition, our quest for quality and our sense of value.

We listen very attentively to the customer and start to work on solutions based on the needs and the challenges involved. The most rewarding moment is to see the pleased look on our customer’s face.” – Visa Yliluoma and Fredrik Grankull

Honesty is the best policy

With honesty and care, we are fair and transparent in our actions.

“Upcoming challenges should be raised in time by openly discussing the issues to all concerned. Together we can solve the problems. When acting honestly, you don’t have to be scared or worry about anything.” – Timo Ala-Heikkilä

Courage is caring

We have the courage to innovate, differentiate and do what it takes to succeed.

“An innovative atmosphere requires having the courage to bring out ideas and feelings, and to receive them from others. Often significant growth and the best innovations spread from the most absurd visions.” – Johan Ågren

Together we form VEO

Our success and culture of learning is achieved through open communication, support and respecting one another.

“People at VEO appreciate each other both as humans and professionals, and we’re not afraid to show it. In a team, everyone knows their role and handles it well enough to ensure that their co-workers have the best possible tools for the job at hand. That’s how we score.” – Hanna Myllymäki 

In it to win it

Success comes after striving to overcome personal, shared in-house and customer goals, and even exceeding them. We work responsibly to be winners together.

“The company gives us the starting points to implement our skills, but after that, it is up to each one of us, how we take advantage of the opportunity. It’s motivating and thrilling to see your accomplishments concretely. When we all pull out all the stops, we can then create growth and be winners together.” – Jari Vataja

We use our values in our everyday work

Watch the video below to see how