VEO offers a wide range of solutions that
turn the unbridled power of the wind
into clean and efficient energy.

Wind power

VEO helps to unbridle the power of the wind into clean energy.

In the wind power industry we focus on turn-key deliveries of applications connecting wind parks to the grid. VEO has a long history of serving customers including energy companies, utilities and project developers investing in complete wind parks.

VEO’s delivery can include everything from pre-engineering of the grid connection to a turn key distribution solution. A typical VEO delivery includes engineering, civil work, buildings and transformers, switchgears, control and protection systems as well as installation and commissioning.

One of VEO’s core strengths is component and vendor flexibility. We customize projects according to our customer’s preferences or best suitable solution. Our engineering expertise includes a wide variety of different components and systems from all leading brands in the industry. For our deliveries we can also offer a carefree VEO247 solution.

VEO is one of the wind farm electrification markets leaders in Finland. According to Antti Hiironniemi, VEO’s competitive advantages are its electrification concept and complete turnkey service. ” We can supply the entire range of wind farm electrification, i.e. everything from the grid connection substation all the way to control and monitoring systems.”

“In 2012-2013 VEO supplied 10 substations to various wind farms”

Business segments

The mission of the VEO Group is to create growth and well-being through our energy sector expertise and our responsible operations.

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Energy driven innovations

“We are delighted that VEO is participating in diminishing the ecological footprint in this industry of the future.”

– Marko Ekman, CEO, VEO