VEO enhances CHP production by
electrifying and automating plants
based on various combustion technologies and fuels.

Thermal power

Long experience and proven technology ensure best productivity.

These plants produce electricity and district heating for power plants and industry.

VEO’s field of expertise is energy. We are specialised in thermal power plants automation and electrification site services. We provide customized automation and electrification solutions for customers in the power generation. The strength and competitive edge of the company are based on its competent personnel, with long and extensive experience, as well as on its flexible methods of operation.

Turnkey deliveries typically comprise of process electrification and instrumentation, automation systems design, implementation and commissioning. Projects include design and programming, control system automation cabinets and switchgear deliveries, project management and implementation, installation, testing and user training. Automation and control room system development is focused on versatility, practicality and user-friendliness, including 24/7 support.

Our dynamic products and flexible, customer-oriented approach bring the field’s latest technologies and customised solutions rapidly to the end user. Our customer-specific engineering teams offer a combination of profound expertise and experience and a fresh, innovative approach to achieving quality and cost-efficiency. Close cooperation with the users, engineering offices and component suppliers is an integral aspect of our product development.

VEO is specialised in installation and maintenance of automation and electrification systems with dedicated partners. As a responsible partner, we fully understand the importance of schedules and deliver the solutions best suited to our customer’s needs.

Business segments

The mission of the VEO Group is to create growth and well-being through our energy sector expertise and our responsible operations.

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Energy driven innovations

“We are delighted that VEO is participating in diminishing the ecological footprint in this industry of the future.”

– Marko Ekman, CEO, VEO