Power plants
electrified and automated by VEO
offer outstanding performance regardless of fuel type.

Oil & gas power

Decades of experience guarantees the best solutions for our customers’ Power plants – regardless of fuel type.

VEO also delivers commissioning services and spare parts for oil and gas engine power plants and ship projects.

Other operations include modernization of power plant equipment, system maintenance, control system updating, and even the relocation of entire power plants across national borders. Our experts have extensive international expertise in the implementation of diesel power plant electrification projects including plant commissioning and end customer training in the target country.

Business segments

The mission of the VEO Group is to create growth and well-being through our energy sector expertise and our responsible operations.

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Energy driven innovations

“We are delighted that VEO is participating in diminishing the ecological footprint in this industry of the future.”

– Marko Ekman, CEO, VEO