VEO operates responsibly in coronavirus situation and we aim to limit the number of simultaneous contagions and bear our social responsibility to protect the ones belonging to the risk groups.

We at VEO monitor the coronavirus situation by following authorities’ official instructions. We update our internal instructions and our practises continuously when the situation and guidelines changes.

As the coronavirus situation continues, it increasingly and substantially affects many various fields of economy. We at VEO have aimed to react and prepare for the prolonging situation by various financial and operative actions. We have managed to minimize the direct impacts of coronavirus crisis to our operations. VEO’s production and our customers’ sites have continued almost as planned throughout the crisis. At present it seems that the restrictions in our main market areas are being partly lifted and for example site operations continue according to the agreements.

We continue to work remotely in the tasks where working from home is possible. Our internal meetings are held remotely, nor do we organize any face to face meetings. Movement in and between our offices are restricted. We comply with effective hygiene guidelines and have specific instructions if falling ill. We have an action plan in case a coronavirus infection is confirmed at any of our offices or facilities.

Our production is operating at full stretch and we have managed to avoid major delays. Special arrangements concern especially our production facilities where working remotely is not possible.

We continue to politely decline to receive visitors at our premises. Meetings are organised remotely, also customer FATs when possible.

We have organised essential business trips, that has been agreed with customer for e.g. commissioning at sites. We continue to organise such trips if it is allowed by the authorities. Prior to the trip, VEO makes sure that customers’ and local authority’s instructions as well as special arrangements at site are in order and working at the site is possible and safe for VEO’s personnel and VEO’s subcontractors. The essential business traveling is carried out after careful consideration, responsibly complying with VEO’s internal guidelines and case by case made risk assessment.

We continue to be prepared with special arrangements to minimize the risks to our business and our personnel falling ill.

Our suppliers’ delivery reliability for components and parts has partly been compromised due to the corona crisis. We have received notifications of delays from some of our suppliers. We have been able to solve some of these issues and logistics challenges, and we continue to actively solve the issues to ensure our deliveries.

Apart the above-mentioned special arrangements, VEO’s business continues as usual.

on behalf of VEO Group,

Timo Ala-Heikkilä