VEO operates responsibly and takes the appropriate measures to prevent the coronavirus further spreading to protect those who are in the highest risk considering COVID-19 infection.

We at VEO monitor the coronavirus situation by following authorities’ official instructions. We update our internal instructions and ways of working continuously when new information is received.

The coronavirus situation has affected our operations in the following ways: we work remotely when possible, we avoid traveling between our offices and moving between workplaces, we comply with upgraded hygiene instructions and procedures and have specific instructions when falling ill. We have only remote meetings, and face to face business engagements and other meetings are cancelled.

Our factory operates with full workload and we have managed to avoid major delays. We have made special arrangements at the factory to minimize risks of falling ill.

VEO politely declines to receive visitors. Meetings are held via remote connections. This concerns also customer FATs.

We avoid business trips. Only obligatory business trips such as commissioning work will be arranged when still agreed with caution, responsibility and complying with local authorities’ demands, customers or cooperation partners visiting instructions based on case by case risk assessment.

VEO’s personnel has been asked to avoid traveling during time off, keeping in mind the possible restrictions when returning to work.

We continuously monitor our suppliers and subcontractors’ delivery reliability. Some suppliers have informed of delays and we are solving them case by case. COVID-19 has caused some challenges to logistics, and we actively work on solving them to ensure our deliveries.

Apart the above-mentioned special arrangements, VEO’s business continues as usual.

on behalf of VEO Group


Timo Ala-Heikkilä