I want to promote VEO’s culture of honesty and open discussion

Mikko Tolvanen has been working as a new Production Director at VEO’s switchgear factory in Vaasa since the beginning of May 2019. With nearly 20 years of production experience within the cable industry behind him – and a solid background in leadership (from Meka Pro and Prysmian Cables) – Mikko has what it takes to aim high. Today he is responsible for both production and operative purchasing at VEO, and is determined to use his position to enhance VEO’s switchgear production by making the whole production and delivery chain run more efficiently and effortlessly.

Although an action plan for developing VEO’s switchgear production has not been officially drafted yet, Mikko Tolvanen believes that the main points are already clear: to realise the full potential of enterprise resource planning and to develop clearer lines of communication between contact surfaces in projecting, purchasing and production. Likewise, the responsibilities and authorities of each co-worker need to be better clarified.

“I want to promote VEO’s culture of honesty and open discussion, so that everybody is pulling in the same direction”, says Tolvanen.

Mikko Tolvanen’s previous career in electrotechnics in Oulu and his interest in product development have given him a profound insight into VEO’s field of business, but with a strong focus on automatization and production line operations. Now, he is fully committed to optimising VEO’s manual assembly process. According to Tolvanen, lean-thinking and smooth operation are the key to giving VEO a competitive edge and flexibility.

Tolvanen moved to Vaasa to work at VEO because he felt that the time was right for a change. Vaasa is a familiar city to him from his childhood as he lived and went to school in the neighbouring city, Seinäjoki. Later he moved to the northern city of Oulu to study process technology and take his Master of Science in Engineering.

Mikko Tolvanen VEO