Kari Lehto swapped a career in big global corporations for one in agile VEO

Kari Lehto started as VEO’s Sales Director of the Industry segment in February 2019. And by April, he had already proved he possessed the skills and experience VEO hoped to have for his role as their newly appointed Segments Vice President. Today, he has the overall responsibility for VEO’s industry and marine business – a position where he has a lot to give because of his earlier career in big global companies, such as Schneider Electric and General Electric.

Kari Lehto remembers VEO from his time at Schneider from 2006 onwards. He has seen a lot of positive development in VEO since then, but he has also identified some areas where he can contribute with his professional background:

“Proactivity in all business and sales operations is increasingly important for growing companies, such as VEO. I’m also familiar with processes that aim to minimise risks and improve the quality of work. “

What attracted Kari Lehto most to VEO is the company’s role as an agile system integrator. During his time at Schneider and GE, Lehto was responsible for similar tasks to what he now works with at VEO, but there was always a system integrator (sometimes it happened to be VEO) standing between his company and the end-customer. Now he loves the fact that he can play a part in finding solutions for the end-customers and be the hands-on person he is.

“VEO’s own production, turnkey deliveries and operations in multiple countries enable us to offer our customers added value through expertise. Compared with global corporations, VEO is an agile company, so if there is a need to rearrange resources or make corrections in processes, changes can be made quickly”, he says.

Since his graduation in 2002, Kari Lehto’s home base has been in the Tampere region, where he lives with his wife and children. When not at work, he spends time on his mountain bike, goes to the gym, plays golf or leads his son’s ice hockey team. Kari Lehto is yet another VEO-employee who doesn’t see geography as an obstacle, but rather as an opportunity.

“Most of my team members are in Vaasa, so I’ll naturally spend time there. But I also like to meet customers and strive to be wherever I’m needed the most.