The threat of cyberattacks, using advanced techniques, poses a significant risk to critical infrastructure in the energy sector. VEO has enhanced its cybersecurity services to combat such potential threats and protect both old and new automation solutions.

VEO has a unique insight of what goes on at the point where automation and IT come together. This enables us to assess the cybersecurity of our customers’ automation solutions properly. At VEO, we can accurately determine security levels and highlight any deficiencies in cybersecurity in the reports we produce for our customers.

Veo power grid.

“With a preliminary report we will discover the current status of the system – it’s like a health check. After that, we can pinpoint where the weak points are, and what changes or enhancements should be done to correct those weaknesses,” explains VEO’s Expert Service Director, Esa Ala-Honkola.

Based on the results of the security report, VEO can provide services to make corrective actions, for example, make configuration changes or upgrade potentially old devices. The cybersecurity services also include security training and consultation, as well as an opportunity to hire a personal security manager as a service.

Cybersecurity is an integral part of VEO’s expert services because our business is to maintain critical energy infrastructures.

“Examples of threats in the energy sector include attacks on power plants and blocking power distribution. Through our energy sector expertise, we can facilitate the development to create more cyber secure infrastructures to protect our customers,” Ala-Honkola concludes.