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August 2018

Hydropower plant renewals benefit the water system – Savon Voima partners with VEO in the modernisation of Salahmi hydropower plant


Energy utility Savon Voima Oyj has chosen VEO for the total renovation of the 1MW Salahmi hydropower plant, located in Vieremä in Finnish Northern Savonia. In the renewal the power plant’s existing smaller propeller turbines are replaced with one larger turbine. The new turbine enables a steadier flow in the water course and higher efficiency of the power plant.

Savon Voima puts its trust in cost efficiency

VEO and Savon Voima divide the responsibilities in the project: VEO is responsible for a turnkey delivery comprising the turbine and generator deliveries, as well as the power plant automation system and electrification. In the project VEO has committed to utilise as much of the existing equipment as possible, in order to minimise structural alteration work. This way the project can be executed in a minimum amount of time and with lower total costs. The project is to be finished in March 2019, a year after its contract was signed. Savon Voima is in charge of the constructional alterations to the power plant.

In the project VEO has committed to utilise as much of the existing equipment as possible, in order to minimise structural alteration work.

“VEO made the automation for Salahmi hydropower plant in the 90’s. Now we can efficiently utilise our previous work and structures in this modernisation,” tells Juha Mäki, Senior Project Manager at VEO’s Power Generation unit. 

Over the years, VEO has collaborated with Savon Voima on several of its 11 hydropower plants. Juha Räsänen, Maintenance Manager at Savon Voima, says that their choice in partner was effected by these previous, technically successful deliveries, good experiences with VEO’s product support and VEO’s strong, nearly 30-year-long background of well-functioning turbine and power plant automation system turnkey deliveries in Finland.

“We trust that we have chosen the technically and economically best turnkey solution for the Salahmi renovation,” comments Maintenance Manager Räsänen.

VEO’s Mäki, in turn, reveals that Savon Voima was the first customer of VEO (former Vaasa Engineering) in 1989. Back then, the automation of Savon Voima’s Karjalankoski power plant was renewed.

Adjustability balances the condition of the water system

Due to the extent of the project, the complete modernisation of Salahmi causes a five-month shut down of the hydropower plant. Nationally these renewals are, however, becoming more and more common as the lifecycles of hydropower equipment are coming to an end and the benefits of the renovations are clear. For Salahmi power plant an efficient, double-regulated Kaplan turbine has been chosen. The new turbine is considerably more environmentally friendly than its predecessors and enables a balance in the water level and the flow between the Salahmi lake above the plant and the Murennusjoki river below it, as well as lesser daily variations. The new turbine, and consequently the water flow, can be adjusted from 20 per cent to 100 per cent. In the previous solution the turbines could only be operated at either full or half power. With higher efficiency and extensive regulation capabilities the hydropower plant can now more naturally follow the flow of the water course, while increasing its annual electrical energy production.

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