VEO's pre-fabricated modular substation has become a permanent solution in the Nordic countries. As a result of orders received in Sweden and Norway, VEO has increased its production capacity significantly from the previous years.

VEO has supplied pre-fabricated modular substations in Finland since 2003. Now, the concept has also been launched in the Swedish and Norwegian markets. This means increased production for VEO

“We have succeeded in establishing the product in the Nordic countries. Just a few years ago, we had only a few projects in Sweden and Norway, but now we have 15 projects currently running. The revenue increase from the year 2016 to the year 2017 was almost 30 per cent, which is a huge rise. This is a great opportunity not only for VEO but our local sub-suppliers too,” says Fredrik Grankull, VEO’s Vice President of Power Distribution.

VEO’s pre-fabricated modular substations are steel frame constructions with sandwich steel insulation that are light and easy to assemble on site. The pre-fabricated modular substations are designed to withstand demanding conditions in the Nordic countries. In Norway and Sweden, the construction tradition has earlier favoured concrete substation buildings, but overheating of the construction market and increase in the price of concrete has activated the countries to find new solutions and limited the number of concrete buildings.

“The construction of pre-fabricated modular substation buildings provides a fast and cost-effective alternative to concrete buildings. The design is custom made by VEO’s engineers, and it contains all the necessary equipment from high voltage protection to control equipment, medium voltage distribution, station control, communication equipment, DC/AC-auxiliary equipment, fire and burglar systems as well as lighting and heating. We handle all equipment installations, cabling and FAT-testing in our production factory, which means there will not be much work left on the actual construction site. As we do most of the work in-house, we can ensure high-quality of the products and systems as well as reduce safety risks at the site,” Grankull explains.

veo personnel.
"We have done a great deal of design and development work to meet the high demands for example for wind, snow loads and insulation on each local market."

When it comes to the substation structures, VEO has made a lot of product development to meet the building requirements not only in Finland but now also in Sweden and Norway.

“We have done a great deal of design and development work to meet the high demands for example for wind, snow loads and insulation on each local market,” Grankull says.

The pre-fabricated modular substations consist of standard modules that can be selected and customised depending on the customer’s needs.

“Our customers are already asking for larger and more variate models. We have for example received questions about a two-storey substation. I believe that more variations based on our modular concept will become more common in the future,” Grankull concludes.