An expert in automation and electrification solutions, VEO, aims at continuous growth and development. This applies not only to their customer projects but also to the company's own operations. Now VEO has taken a significant step forward and expand its services by product sales.


“For example, our medium voltage switchgear has previously been used only in in-house projects, but now we expand our sales by offering products directly to our customers and partners,” says Joakim Hjort, Sales Manager at VEO.

The main market area of the Vaasa based company is the Nordic and the Baltic countries, and the product sales follows the same boundaries. In the future, the intention is to expand the sales to wider markets.

“We have delivered several projects to Iceland, for example for thermal power plants and industry in general. These projects have created partnerships for which we now also want to offer products,” explains Hjort.

To facilitate its product sales, VEO is about to launch a new webstore, which allows quick and simple ordering for both domestic and foreign customers. In addition to VEO’s own products, it soon will be possible to purchase Hyundai Electric products from the webstore. VEO is an official distributor of Hyundai Electric’s low voltage products in the Nordic and the Baltic countries.

Through expanded sales services, VEO is able to provide better service to customers.

“Due to our product expertise and long experience in the field, we can provide high-quality technical support for each customer’s personal needs. By investing in product sales, our competitive and high-quality products can be further utilised in the future,” Hjort sums up.