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May 2018

Vantaan Energia to lower its carbon dioxide emissions with the help of VEO


Finnish utility Vantaan Energia has decided to completely abstain from the use of coal in the 2020’s. As part of the change, the company is now renewing one of the boilers at the Martinlaakso power plant. The oil/gas boiler that has been in use since 1974 at the Martinlaakso combined heat and power plant, is now going to be transformed into a bio boiler. The new boiler will produce energy through the combustion of domestic biofuels, such as chips, sawdust and leftovers from the plywood industry. With the use of these biofuels instead of gas and coal, the plant’s carbon dioxide emissions will be cut down by approximately 30 %. VEO has been assigned in charge of the electrification of the renewed plant, and will carry out the project as a turnkey delivery.

VEO is in charge of the design, planning and manufacturing of the electrification solutions as well as installation and commissioning. In addition to this, training will be provided to the end customer. The project comprehends approximately 15 work years, half of which is assigned to the planning and manufacturing of machinery, and the other half to work site operations. The work was initiated at the end of 2017 and will continue throughout the year. The new bio boiler will be put into use in 2019.

An efficient use of biofuels in combined heat and power plants contribute to counteracting the effects of climate change and reaching the emission standards that have been set by Finland and the EU. As a supplier of automation and electricity, VEO takes part in the manufacturing of the power plants both in Finland and abroad. VEO has previously carried out similar kind of turnkey deliveries at approximately 50 power plants that now run on biofuel in 15 different countries. A robust know-how specifically in turnkey deliveries makes VEO a trustworthy partner for energy companies.

”VEO’s long-standing competence as a supplier of electrification solutions to power plants in addition to its deep know-how of power production processes contributed to VEO winning the deal,” says VEO’s Key Account Manager Rami Luoma.

Veo has previously carried out a similar project in Skövde, Sweden

More information:

Rami Luoma, Key Account Manager, CHP Plants (WtE & Biomass), VEO, +358 50 5327 428, rami.luoma@veo.fi
Timo Ala-Heikkilä, Vice President, Industry, VEO, +358 50 5767 397, timo.ala-heikkila@veo.fi