Every year, approximately 100 youngsters and adults learning a profession complete their internships or theses at VEO, or work there as holiday leave substitutes or during their studies. Hanna Myllymäki, HR Director at VEO, points out that the number is substantial considering the 350 permanent employees in the company’s Vaasa office.

A stepping stone to real working life

VEO considers the annual 100 young experts to be an investment in the future. Internships and summer jobs during studies provide an excellent opportunity to get a job and continue developing one’s professional expertise after graduating. In 2017, VEO employed 47 new people of which a significant number was recruited via an internship or summer job.


VEO considers the annual 100 young experts to be an investment in the future.








The downsides of working life oriented education

Cuts made in the funding of classroom teaching have increased the number of internships at companies as well as the students’ responsibility for self-studying. This has given companies an increasingly important role in the education of students post-graduation.

VEO has a strong interest in securing the best expertise at a young age. In today’s world, many institutions produce exceptionally talented and motivated young people and graduates.

“VEO provides many technology students with an excellent internship opportunity as they are able to perform real installation and design work on various levels under controlled, supervised and well-guided circumstances.  Conversely, it is obvious that the educational emphasis on internships and learning after having graduated increases the inequality of our educational system, as it is not guaranteed that all employers can offer a learning environment of sufficient quality that supports the learning of a profession,” summarizes Myllymäki.

Summer jobs available now

Many youngsters are already planning their summer schedules. This summer, VEO will recruit several summer interns for different positions in production, design and administration. Applications are open at www.veo.fi/careers.

More information: HRD Manager Jenna Jungerstam, tel. 050 583 5240, e-mail jenna.jungerstam@veo.fi