VEO’s ambitious growth strategy is fuelled by the company’s ongoing recruitment of experts in Finland, Sweden and Norway and the establishment of operations in the UK.

Customers know VEO primarily as an expert provider of complex automation and electrification projects in the fields of power supply and industry. VEO is about to take a new important step and grow its product sales.

“We are entering the Nordic and Baltic market with our own products, such as low and medium voltage switchgear, and the low voltage portfolio of Hyundai. We have already used Hyundai’s products in our own manufacturing for ten years, but now we are improving their availability in an important market,” says Joakim Hjort, Sales Director. Hyundai is strong, for instance, in marine solutions. Marine products must both meet high-quality requirements and demonstrate excellent performance under challenging conditions.

Digitalisation supports product sales

Product sales is a natural choice for extending the services provided to existing customers and an opportunity to find new customers. VEO is investing heavily in the new market: It has built digital solutions that facilitate the purchasing process and established its own customs warehouse in Vaasa. The development is still in progress and the new unit is currently recruiting more staff.

"VEO has robust technical expertise and that gives our product sales an excellent starting point."

Investments are growing in the market

The demand for low voltage solutions is increasing in the Nordic countries, and VEO believes in excellent opportunities in the market. Investments in power supply and distribution are also stimulating the market. “Investing in product sales is a strategic choice for us. VEO has a robust technical expertise and that gives our product sales an excellent starting point,” says Marko Ekman, CEO of VEO.

VEO’s product sales solutions will be on view at the Sähkö-Tele-Valo trade fair in Jyväskylä on 7–9 February.

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