Press Release 9.6.2017

Devices that perform several different tasks are a clear electrical engineering trend. VEO’s Sales Manager Hannu Erkkilä was thinking the same already in 2005. After letting his thoughts mature for nearly 10 years, cooperation with Vaasa-based company Arcteq finally made everything possible. The result, Generator Commander, is a smart unit combining the features of six different devices.

The result, Generator Commander, is a smart unit combining the features of six different devices.

”There’s nothing quite like it on the market yet. Every engineer dreams of leaving an electrical footprint, and when it comes to Generator Commander, we’ve definitely made history together with Arcteq. The Vaasa energy cluster is a unique place to create new technology – if you lack some specific knowledge, you can probably find it at the company next door”, Erkkilä says with pride.

The cooperation between VEO and Arcteq is a good example. Arcteq has extensive experience of protecting big and small generators and many good references around the world. When this knowledge was combined with VEO’s expertise in generator steering, the companies could together create a product that is globally unique.

From a technical puzzle to a single solution

Thanks to the Generator Commander, all measurements and adjustments can be done at once. It is a definite improvement compared to the traditional technical puzzle that usually involves many different products and manufacturers. At best, the Generator Commander can save 86 % space-wise and some 50 % when it comes to testing time. A versatile programmable logic enables a multitude of uses for the device. The automatic calculation and parameterising tool let the user reach the right result without complex dimensioning calculations. Companies can also obtain savings when it comes to material use and transports. Moreover, the Generator Commander has the market’s best cyber security.

”The amount of disappearing devices is so high that our customers get a lot of free space when we install the Generator Commander”, Erkkilä states.

VEO’s future goal is to certify the product for new markets and expand the usability to include different generations of synchronous motors.

The product development will continue as a cooperation between VEO and Arcteq. Anyone can buy a Generator Commander via Arcteq, responsible for sales. VEO’s expertise is available for those that wish to tailor the device, e.g. use it as a steering system for an existing synchronous motor.

Long live Finnish knowledge

After six months of intensive testing, the first Generator Commander of its kind was taken into use on 15 December 2016 at the Sälevä 4 MW hydropower plant, owned by Savon Voima Oyj. Two weeks later, the device was tailored for the refining engine at Stora Enso’s 8 MW paper mill in Anjala.

Generator Commander, a device designed to endure extreme conditions, will officially hit the market in June 2017. Erkkilä is pleased with the product’s high domesticity level and has also received lots of international praise.

”We’re approaching the industrial world from two angles. Engineers are thrilled by how practical and space saving the products is, while the finance side is convinced by generous savings in time and money”, Erkkilä says.

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