Modern technology continuously gathers data that can help companies solve problems, manage workflows, utilise resources and make even better decisions. The problem is that companies are often so focused on analysing the data that they forget to protect it.

In the worst case, phishing or production process sabotage can even lead to serious bodily injuries. Hackers are often interested in the energy industry because it is a target that can harm the public infrastructure.

Cyber security requires company level cooperation

Mats Warg, Engineering Manager at VEO, works a lot with data security. As a cyber security expert, he can identify weak links that companies often have in common.

“Technology is a big part of cyber security, but employees are also a risk. It is important that everyone knows the consequences of their actions.”

Another big problem is that many organisations assume that their machines will stay updated after their initial installation. According to Warg, it is very common to ignore various updates. “Cyber security does not always require new investments – sometimes a program update is enough.”A weak link can also exist e.g. between the IT department and production. Thus, to create reliable cyber security, the entire organisation must cooperate.

No one can afford to live without cyber security

Warg believes that, sooner or later, all devices will be online. The real question is how they are connected – especially in large production environments.

“If connections are a zigzag, it is impossible to control cyber security”, says Warg.

Companies usually contact VEO when they want to map out current risks and solutions or lift their cyber security to the next level. A recently published international cyber security standard is also pushing companies to address these issues. According to Warg, we have reached a point where no one can afford to live without cyber security.

Mats Warg will be talking about Cyber Security in the Energy Sector during Vaasa EnergyWeek’s Cyber Security & Digitalization event on 22 March 2017 in Vaasa, Finland.

“Cyber security is like insurance – it seems expensive until something happens.”

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