Expertise in the industry of the future will be in the spotlight when Finnish and British energy communities share their knowledge in low-carbon solutions on Wednesday 1st February 2017.

“The government of the UK has shown interest in renewable energy through investments, which encourages us to provide our cost-efficient solutions over here – with the best available technology. UK is our most important new export destination country, and we already have a strong network of partners”, says Jarkko Aro, Vice President of the VEO Ltd.

VEO Ltd is a leading Finnish developer of automation, drives and power distribution solutions for the energy and process industries. The company offers an expanding and increasingly productised range of services aimed at electrifications and industrial process applications with a mission to create growth and well-being through energy sector expertise and responsible operations. In addition to working locally in Finland, Sweden and Norway, VEO Ltd has accessed markets in renewable energy sector of more than 100 countries through global partnerships. In the United Kingdom, the first project was conducted in 1997.

Danfoss Ltd, VEO’s long-term partner, is a global player in the energy sector offering solutions and products in a wide range of areas including heating, industrial automation and refrigeration. Their main focus is on infrastructure, food, climate and energy market segments. I.C. Electrical Ltd, another partner of VEO, is based on West Midlands and provides complete electrical engineering solutions, from cost analysis and budget preparation through to in-house electrical design.

At the event in February, speakers from VEO Ltd, Danfoss Ltd and I.C. Electrical Ltd will highlight the advancements in a consolidated approach for the matter overseen by a UK-based management team. Afterwards, attendees are able to network and share valuable insights concerning the trends and future of the energy sector. If you are interested in attending the event, please get in touch with Mr Mark Dodsworth, Managing Director of the Europartnerships (Email:, Tel: +44 (0)1926 405597).

Original source: Embassy of Finland website



VEO and I. C Electrical (ICE) signed a co-operation agreement in December 2015.

Together they have supplied automation and electrification for the process industry and several biopower plants in the UK.