The efficiency increase in the Harjavalta power plant corresponds to almost 10% of the government’s target to increase hydropower by 2020.

VEO has received an order from Länsi-Suomen Voima to modernize the hydropower plant in Harjavalta. The order is historical due to its size and for the Finnish market and includes automation system and electrification of the power plant. Finland’s government has a goal to increase hydropower by 2020 and the modernisation of the power plant in Harjavalta corresponds to almost 10 percent of this goal.

At the same time as the reconstruction is being carried out, two old turbines are modernized and a new third unit is installed. Thanks to the modernization the total output of the power plant will rice from 73 to 110 megawatt. New large hydropower units are very rare in Finland today. The power plant in Harjavalta will be in optimal use with three turbines.
– The water flow is expected to increase in the future due to climate changes. Thanks to the new turbine the power plant will be able to adapt to this change, says Kim Råholm, Vice President Hydropower at VEO.

The power plant in Harjavalta is built in 1939 at the river Kokemäenjoki in Nakkila. It is one of the most efficient hydropower plants in southern Finland with a head of 26.4 meters. The Power plant is unmanned and remote-controlled.
VEO will supply the electrification of the three turbines as well as power plant and machine automation. The delivery also includes switchgear protection system, excitation system for the three generators as well as electricity distribution from generators to the grid. The two old turbines’ efficiency will rice from 36 to 45 megawatt after the modernisation. The new turbine has a nominal power of 20 megawatt.

The automation and electrification design will begin in the autumn of 2014 after which the suppliers will be chosen. The build itself will begin 2015 and will take about two years. The new unit will be built first and thereafter the two old units will be modernized. VEO’s Sales Manager Harri Ranta says the company impressed the customer with its expertise and by providing the best solution available.
– Our delivery includes everything from planning to project management to commissioning. We have over 20 years of experience from the business and are market leaders within hydropower in Finland. We have therefore no problem to fulfil the tough technical requirements in this project.
More information:
Kim Råholm, Vice President Hydropower: Tel +358 207 190 237
Harri Ranta, Sales Manager: Tel +358 207 190 518