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Energy driven innovations

“We are delighted that VEO is participating in diminishing the ecological footprint in this industry of the future.”

– Marko Ekman, CEO, VEO


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Speed and capacity

“VEO operates the largest switchgear factory in the Nordic countries.”

– Visa Yliluoma, Excecutive Vice President, Marketing and Sales VEO

All the Wind Needs is electrification

Our best competitive advantages are our electrification concept and our complete turn-key service.

Antti Hiironniemi, Sales Manager

VEO is one of the market leaders in Finland in wind farm electrification

VEO electrifies most of Finland’s new wind power farms. Many companies want a full-service supplier that is able to respond to out-of-the-ordinary demands but, even so, works efficiently and delivers high quality. According to Sales Manager Antti Hiironniemi, VEO’s best competitive advantages are its electrification concept and complete turn-key service.

“If necessary, we supply the entire range of wind farm electrification work, i.e. everything from the grid connection substation all the way to control and monitoring systems.”

Expert services expand

With the correct maintenance schedule and actions, it is possible to increase a hydropower plant’s efficiency.

In modernisations of hydropower plants, VEO is Finland’s market leader. Now the company is investing even more in power plant servicing and maintenance.

“Many customers are asking for maintenance services. Automation is becoming increasingly complex and customers do not necessarily have the expertise themselves,”  says Harri Ranta, Sales Manager, Hydropower and Substations.

Even small malfunctions have an immediate impact on efficiency and production. Preventive maintenance also extends the economic life of a plant, because the machinery lasts longer if the automation and the electrification are properly maintained. Therefore VEO has further developed maintenance and after sales services in in the hydropower segment.
“One step in the development of services was the hiring of five people for the new Rovaniemi operating location, which opened in early 2014. All the new employees have long experience of hydropower plant maintenance and we have a unique know-how base to work from”, says Ranta.

Maintenance contracts are always set up according to the customers’ unique demands and wishes. If a customer chooses the VEO247 maintenance, they can be sure that someone will answer the phone any time of day.
“If malfunctions occur, they are often acute and assistance is needed immediately. Time is money and every minute a plant is down costs,” explains Ranta.


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Kirsi Nurmi aims at the top

Our core value is responsibility.

Our mission is to create growth and well-being through our energy sector expertise and responsible operations. Our goal is to create added value for our shareholders, customers, suppliers, employees and the local community. A strong economic basis secures the continuity of our business and enables us to meet our social and environmental responsibilities. Read more

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Toni Ketelä is ready for Lahti 2017

Meet our salesteam

At VEO, we remain close and in touch with our customers. For us, it is important to listen to the customer, to be flexible to their needs, and to be a reliable and responsible partner.

Markus Nyman Sales Manager

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